Second Radio and AIS Transponder

I have been wanting to have a second radio for a while now.  The boat came with the Garmin suite of products.  I wanted to have another brand of radio because I have had some issues with the existing radio.  At the same time, I wanted to add an AIS transceiver.  I already had the AIS receive, but I also wanted to transmit our position.   I ended up adding a Vesper marine unit that sends the receive data over the NMEA 2000network and also over NMEA 0183 to the new Standard Horizon Radio.  While I was at it I added a Hailer/Foghorn under the Flybridge.    

Here is a picture of where I mounted the radio.  It is in the area above the helm. The black and red cylinder to the right of the radio is the siren for my raw water alarm. 

This is where I mounted the Hailer / Fog Horn.  I was going to mount it under the spotlight in front of the cabin but it did not seem sturdy enough and the horn looked very large at that location.  I did not like the way it looked, so I went with the stealth mounting location.  You can also see in this picture that I added a second station to the new radio.  Now I have access to two separate radios at the main helm and fybridge.  You can also put one radio in intercom mode to talk to crew below in the cabin, while listening to normal radio traffic on the other radio.  Previously when using the intercom feature I would forget to switch back to radio mode and not hear radio traffic. 
I mounted the dedicated AIS antenna on the Forward starboard corner of the cabin.  Since the antenna is so small, I mounted it to the handrail with a Mantus Marine rail clamp.  It seems quite sturdy for this use.

I mounted the second VHF Antenna on the opposite side of the original antenna on the port side of the cabin.  



RangerTug 31CB