Stern Tie Reel Mounting Option

My first attempt at mounting the stern tie reel was to utilize the bracket that is in the middle of the hardtop that is used to mount the ratchet system to pull up the dinghy. It worked, but, when rewinding the reel a lot of water and floating debris fell off the reel and fell on the transom seat and cockpit table.

My second idea is to utilize the fishing pole holder and simply drop the reel on a pvc pipe assembly that I made up. It is very simple, takes up very little room when not used. It is extremely easy to use.

I utilized 1 1/4 inch pvc pipe, a 4 way intersection pipe and a cap. It fits very snugly into the pole holder. One could even sand down the pvc pipe a bit to make it easier to install in the pole holder. I just press it in. So far it has been very solid.

I also mounted a little handle to the reel to make rewinding the stern tie line easier. Now when respooling all of the water and debris picked up by the line falls overboard. Nice and easy!



RangerTug 31CB