Moving of upper Dinghy Mounting Rods

This is not my idea. I saw it on Tugnuts. Someone had moved the mounting rods for the dinghy to the hardtop to open up the swimstep area. I thought that was a great idea.

I purchased a length of 7/16 by 14 rod cut to length and welded on a nut to the end. I then painted the rod and welded nut and extended the mounting rods. My plan is to purchase some stainless rod if I can find it and use a stainless rod coupling. So far I have been unable to find locally so will have to do some online searching.

On the roof I drilled a couple of holes, added some butyl rubber sealant and screwed some L brackets that I cut down to the hardtop. Where I drilled in the hardtop there is plywood.

A very easy modification that makes access much easier.



RangerTug 31CB