One of our easiest and best modifications

When cruising this summer in the Pacific Northwest we noticed that the days seemed to last almost forever. When sitting in the cockpit having dinner the sun was at a low angle and after a full day of fun in the sun we were let's say, well done. When the sun is low it reflects off of the calm water like a mirror and you feel like you are in a solar cooker. My quick and fairly simple fix was to create a sun-shade. It is not the prettiest thing when up but having that shade is absolutely wonderful.

I had an old rv cover that was made out of sunbrella. I cut up some panels and and flipped over the seam. It is about 10 feet wide and 6 feet tall. I went to the local hardware store and got some snaps to put into the fabric. I purchased some welting from the local canvas shop and cut it into 2 inch pieces. I then put the mating snap into the welting.

Since our Ranger Tug has the hard top, I just slide the welting into the factory provided groove and place the snap where ever I can get the shade I am looking for. I then snap the sunbrella material to the welting and instant shade. I can move it from port, to stern, to starboard where-ever it is needed. We were also rafted up with some other boats and we laid it over the neighboring boats canvas bimini and we had solid shade when it was hot in the afternoon.

It was very easy to do, easily removeable and changeable in its location. On a hot sunny day when you need to do some maintenance on the engine have some shade is absolutely wonderful.



RangerTug 31CB