Heat into forward head

When we got our Ranger Tug there was no heat into the main head. In the winter when out cruising and we used the shower nothing would ever dry in there and it was super humid. I had read on tugnuts that someone had done this but could not find any pictures. So here is my modification

From Defender I ordered 10 ft of 60MM heater hose, one 90x60x90 y fitting and one 60MM outlet.

Here is a picture of the heater outlet in the main head.

Go to the midberth cabin and remove the front panel to get access. If you have the factory A/C it may be in your way. Our boat does not have this. Here is what you will see once past the wall.

I ran the hose from the head directly aft through the existing access opening and across to the starboard side where I connected to the 90MM heater pipe that exits at the stairs to the main berth. This is a picture from below the refrigerator looking to the port side. You can see the "Y" in the lower right hand portion of the picture.

The actual install probably took less than 2 hours. The hardest part is getting access. The fridge needs to be removed and the front wall of midberth also needs to be removed. You almost need to be a contortionist to get into the fridge space and lay forward and cut that heater duct to splice in the Y pipe.

A nice amount of heat comes out of the new outlet in the head.

Here is a quick video. Heater Install Video



RangerTug 31CB