About Us and Our Travels

We bought our 2016 Ranger Tug 31 CB at he Seattle boat show in 2016.  We took delivery in April and cruised the water of Washington and Canada for the next 16 months. 

We could not be happier with our purchase.  The customer support from Ranger Tugs has been absolutely fantastic.  Have there been issues with the boat?  Yes!  It is a very complicated piece of equipment and things happen.  But what really matters is what the company does that built the boat to make it right.  Ranger Tugs gets an A+.  I absolutely would not hesitate in buying another boat from Ranger Tugs.  Highly recommended. 

We spent a year keeping the boat in Washington state and then moved the boat to Canada for 5 months.  Now we have to boat close to where we live in Northern California. 


This blog is mostly about things we have done to our boat.  Modifications, improvements, and repair tips. Everyone will not want to make these modifications.  I feel that Ranger Tugs provides an excellent very well featured boat for the price. They are not mind readers and can not possibly know what everyone will want. My feeling is they build a very complete cruiseable boat from the get go.  To make it your own is up to you as we all have differents adjustments that we would like. That is half of the fun.  

This website is not a how-to.  Simply a documentation of what I have done. 

I am not an expert.  I simply do what I want and hopefully some of these ideas will be helpful to you.